Film Series begins- Thur. October 27th


School’s out early this day!  What to do?  Come on down to the library.  We will be showing the first of our 3 part film series on the Civil Right’s Movement.  The curriculum recommends 6-8 grade viewers but all are welcome with adult supervision.


Each 45 min. long documentary will be followed by questions and discussion.  Films curriculum recommends grades 6-8 but all are welcome with supervision

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America’s Civil Rights Movement: A Time for Justice           Thur. Oct 27th 2:00pm

Academy Award-winner for Short Documentary 1995

Narrated by Julian Bond and featuring John Lewis, the 38-minute film allows today’s generation of students to witness firsthand the movement’s most dramatic moments—the bus boycott in Montgomery, the school crisis in Little Rock, the violence in Birmingham and the triumphant 1965 march for voting rights.

Mighty Times: The Children’s March                   Thur. Nov. 10th 2:00pm

“The Children’s March” tells the story of how the young people of Birmingham, Alabama, braved fire hoses and police dogs in 1963 and brought segregation to its knees. Their heroism complements discussions about the ability of today’s young people to be catalysts for positive social change.

Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot        Fri. Dec. 2nd 2:00pm

On March 7, 1965, 600 civil rights activists left Selma, Alabama, on foot, marching for dignity and equality.
Eighteen days, 54 miles, one police attack, 1,900 National Guard troops, 2,000 U.S. Army soldiers and countless stories later, they arrived in Montgomery — and changed history.


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Storywalk Sunday October 23

The Argyle Public Library and the Driftless Area Conservancy will host a Fall Storywalk on Sunday October 23rd at 2pm.  Geared especially towards young children, families are welcome to meet at the Erickson Wetland trailhead (located behind the school ballpark),  Sarah Pearce from the Driftless Area Conservancy will lead a hike through the wetland boardwalks while reading an autumn themed book.  fletcher

Shop Talks!

We are excited to host a couple different speakers through the Wisconsin Humanities Council program “Shop Talk”

“Whatever work means to you – whether it is paid or unpaid, public or private sector – work is a defining feature of life. It is a human experience and at the heart of how we make not just a living but also a life. Work defines us as individuals and connects us as members of society. Too often, however, the topic can be divisive. At a time when the future of work and jobs is being hotly debated, The Working Lives Project is examining what work is, was, or might be with a series of programs: – See more at:”


Our first speaker is Jesse Gant, who will present on Friday Sept 30th at 7pm




Our second speaker is Jim Leary, who will present on Oct. 7th at 7pm



Wednesday July 27th 3pm AUCTION

Aha!  The day you’ve all been reading towards: our end of the summer-reading-program children’s auction.  Each 15 minutes of reading= $1.00 of spending money. ( Gotta cap you readers off at “$100” though!)  Even if you haven’t been diligently keeping track of your reading hours, do come.  We will figure something out.

This year auctioneer Zeke Garthwaite will be here to lead the show.  We have lots of great items to bid on. . . see you there!